Iona Beach is an amazing location to do an engagement session. I had been wanting to shoot there for some time, and enter Jenn and Jess. They are a lovely and sweet couple who I had the honour of meeting a few years ago for a couples session on the top of Mount Seymour at 5:30am. We stayed in touch and these two are now engaged and planning a wedding for sometime in 2022!

We decided to head out for this Iona Beach engagement late in the day to chance getting a gorgeous golden hour. It certainly was worth it! Iona Beach rarely disappoints. It’s a great spot just outside of Vancouver, wedged in between the Vancouver airport and the Fraser River. It’s got a long jetty (that never seems to end) which leads many many kilometres out into the ocean. Pro tip, don’t walk out there on a hot sunny day because it seriously never ends. But the best part and the part that always seems to be the least busy, is the beach and the wildlife trails! You can see birds, turtles, hawks–all sorts of things, and maybe even other couples in love.

We cracked a few beers, did some dancing on the beach and stayed until the sun went down. Their engagement photos at Iona Beach were lit by some gorgeous evening light and it was a lot of fun to photograph this gorgeous couple. Then again, it’s always fun to photograph these two love birds! They are game and open to pretty much anything and will always go along with my crazy ideas (including that Mt. Seymour sunrise session)!

If you’re interested in an Iona Beach engagement session, please get in touch! I’d love to photograph another couple in love at this fantastic location.

LGBTQ Engagement Photos
Iona Beach Engagement Photos
LGBTQ Engagement Photos
LGBTQ Engagement photos at Iona Beach
LGBTQ Engagement Photos

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