I'm adventurous and funny. I always take the high road. I'm learning skills from my Grandma's era like canning and bread making. I try to be as authentically me as possible, without apologies.

Hi there, my name is


I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. My first tiny camera had an orange pop up flash and I ripped through film faster than my parents could refill it. My portraits were of my pets; dogs and cats, chickens and goats. There are albums full somewhere!

The opportunity came to travel the world in 2009 which let me explore my photography even more and I began to realize that capturing images of people, in their real, true and unposed state, was my favourite thing to photograph. There is something about capturing raw emotion as it flickers across a face that yields the most beautiful photographs to me. I strive to capture that in every photo.

My photo style is documentary. My background working in the Vancouver Film Industry has left me with a moody and cinematic style. I believe the beauty lies when you are unaware that a camera is in your face, and I work to authentically capture you in every photograph I take.

In my downtime, I spend as much time as possible in the wild with my lovely wife Leah, our toddler and our pup. We love to road trip and can be found a few times a year in the Yukon Territory.


If you have any questions about me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!