July 2019. I had traveled to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC on the edge of the Rockies when I kept driving east for this Canmore engagement session! My Subaru was packed with its fold out bed in the back and enough snacks to last a few days. I was dying to photograph the gorgeous mountains around Banff and Canmore and put out a call for a lovely couple to join me– and that’s when Alice and Jack stepped in!

I met them the afternoon of our session after scouting out Spray Lakes with some old family friends. It’s a reservoir lake, quite a ways out of town on a 4×4 road which adds to the adventure and fun. It was a gorgeous and hot July day and everything else picturesque closer to town was jam packed with people enjoying summer vacation. For this Canmore engagement session, I was hoping to photograph somewhere a little more rugged and luckily, Alice and Jack were quick to jump on board.

We made the drive up the mountain, stopping for mountain goats and potholes, and when we arrived at Spray Lakes it was sunny and bright and gorgeous! Alice and Jack had some fun in front of the camera, even if they were blinded by the sunlight and we all were sweating buckets even in the late afternoon sun.

On our way back down the mountain, we were stopped by a family in distress. Their friend had fallen from their kayak and was stranded on the other side of the lake. We could hear the person calling for help. We used my binoculars (which my bird loving wife keeps in the car for road trips) to try to spot him, and Alice managed to find him far on the other side of the cold cold lake. Shortly after, a rescue helicopter came and we watched that unfold before heading back down the mountain for the last dregs of sunlight as it passed behind the mountains.

This was a fun and lovely shoot in the bright bright light, and I know I’ll back back to Banff and Canmore again soon for another session!

Thanks for a great time you two!

couple kisses In Canmore, Alberta.
Couple at Canmore engagement session

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