Lynn Canyon is the perfect place for engagement photos if you’re an outdoor loving couple like Megan and Kevin!  It really can’t get much more Pacific Northwest than Lynn Canyon.  With the classic suspension bridge, the beautiful green water of the 30 foot pools and an abundance of ferns and beautiful mossy rocks, what’s not to love?


When I met with Megan and Kevin a few months ago, they expressed how they’re both newish to the city (from Ontario and the UK) and how much they love the mountains and being outside in nature.  Of course, this resonated with me and we immediately got along. One of my favourite things is also to be out in nature, in fact I’d spend every minute off out in the woods if I could!  These two are avid outdoors folks, I’m talking backcountry skiing and some major hiking which is mighty impressive!  Megan tossed out the idea of a Lynn Canyon shoot and I immediately agreed.  I offered up Rice Lake as well to avoid the midday crowds and a few weeks later we ventured out.


It was a gorgeous crisp sunny day when we headed out, first exploring Rice Lake.  If you haven’t been, it’s a lovely spot in the LSCR for fishing and a nice walk.  It’s super accessible, and this year because of that mid February freeze over, the lake was entirely frozen and we were able to walk out and play around.  After spending some time there, we headed down to the Canyon.


The LSCR is nice because they’re all connected by a series of trails.  Within 15 minutes we were at the very busy Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.  After waiting for a while we realized we’d never get that classic bridge shot without a stream of others, so we headed over to the pools and the mossy rocks.  Pro tip: Try and hit the trails before 9am on a weekend if you’re looking for that classic bridge shot without a parade of tourists!


It was a lovely afternoon, and they were happy enough to head back to the bridge at 8:30am the following weekend for a half hour of photos with the bridge to ourself!  I try to go with the flow and love when my couples do too.


Thank you both for a great afternoon and morning in that fresh North Van air!  I love to shoot in nature, and if you want to see more, check out this post from a couples session at Joffre Lakes.

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So so lucky!

Such stunning colours! We are so lucky to live in this spot!