I met up with Suneeta and Eric one weekday evening at the ever gorgeous Pitt Lake, in Pitt Meadows, BC. If you haven’t yet had the chance to wander the trails out there, I would highly recommend it! It is a bird watchers paradise (I love birds!) and some of the trails through the dyke are closed in the summer months due to migrating birds. Choosing to do your engagement photos at Pitt Lake is always going to result in some beautiful scenery and gorgeous colours.

We had a great time exploring the trails, and were lucky as this usual hot spot was pretty much empty on a weeknight! Other than the usual giggles and bad jokes I tell, we had some excitement when another couple down the trail were bird watching and suddenly started yelling to get our attention. From the distance, we couldn’t quite make out what they were saying until they started to yell, ‘BEAR, BEAR!’ Being the avid outdoors person I am, I of course had bear spray with me—in the car…which was on the other side of the bear. So we started stomping and singing (you know, the usual bear sighting antics) as we made our way closer to the couple to give them some support and hopefully get the curious bear to run off. As we approached we realized they were actually pretty calm, and it was then that we realized they had been yelling, ‘BEAVER, BEAVER!’ An easy mix up…I think, but still as exciting. I have only seen a beaver once before and I was surprised how big he was! Scroll down for beaver pics and some snaps from this gorgeous location.

Thank you Suneeta and Eric for braving the wilds of Pitt Lake with me and playing in the road at dusk. I love the fun, sweet and romantic photos we captured!

Couple in front of mountains at Pitt Lake
Couple snuggling at Pitt Lake, BC.
Pitt Lake, BC.  Engagement photos with couple in front of mountains.

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(This time I’ll remember the bear spray. Just in case.)



Love love the orange! What a beautiful contrast! And the beaver <3 Soooo cute!

Some of these are so creative! Love her first outfit that orange just pops!!!!

This lighting is perfect, and I love her yellow outfit complementing the blue mountains. Great work, and beavers!

Mollie Adams

Okay these tones and colors are AMAZING! I love how rich the colors are in these photos, you did such a great job!

Beautiful location, outfits and tones!

Nina Steadman

Great location,fantastic shoot.

Oh man, I would poop my pants if someone was yelling that there was a bear behind me hahaha.

Wow this is so stunning!! I love couples sessions 🙂

Dang!! Those colours! These are stunning and I LOVE that double exposure. Beautiful work!