When in Whistler, do as the locals do!  I had the chance to do an insanely G O R G E O U S couples session photo shoot just past Whistler, BC this month.  Pretty much everybody and their dog (no dogs allowed actually…) know about Joffre Lakes, which is about an hours drive from Whistler.

Joffre Lakes are a series of three gorgeous glacier fed lakes, each one prettier than the last.  It’s an easy hike to the top lake and the views reward any and all sore legs!  We headed up to Joffre on a Thursday morning for our autumn couples session photo shoot.  Here I was thinking we’d capture some gorgeous autumn colours, we’d twirl in the falling leaves with hints of orange and red falling upon my lovely couple.

Alas, the place was caked in I C E. Ice and fresh snow to boot!  This made it all the more gorgeous and also all the more treacherous.  Try hiking 3km up without proper spikes? I’ll give you a hint of how it looks. Slips, slides, bangs, save the cameras-all of that!  It also leads to sliding 3km back down on your butt.  Regardless, we had a lovely time and these two really let their love shine!

They had hiked Joffre Lakes earlier in the season and the idea of a romantic and fun couples session was appealing!  These two were lots of laughs and a lot of fun.  Comedy, pretend tossing in the lake, way too much kissing-the whole gamut.  We even got some great shots of the resident Whiskey Jacks at the top lake.  It was a beautiful autumn day and 10/10 would recommend you hike on up there!  Just don’t forget your spikes.

If you’re looking for an adventurous couples session or elopement or wedding, get in touch! I love to hike and would hike mountains for the opportunity to photograph some adventurous love!


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